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My site started in early January 2004 with a very basic hand written HTML page, with just pictures of the "Caravan Dismantling Project" this was hosted on my free ISP's web space of 50 megabytes, since then my site has progressed to a professional looking site with a varied content, which is now hosted on a larger server as I used up my free web space quickly, this site now takes up 623 megabytes consisting of 5878 files in 142 folders.

In the early days I had little or no knowledge of HTML/web design, but with help from mates and research on the internet I have learnt enough to design and build a site like this, which I hope you will agree is quite good. I now have a program that creates all the HTML coding so it saves me from manually doing that but for any of you budding web designers it's still very useful to start with hand written code as I occasionally have to edit the source code.

Please feel free to look at all the pages on my site, contained in my site you will find many pictures of my holidays and of projects I have undertaken, you will also find pictures of experiments and things that will make you laugh plus links to other sites of interest.

My site is written for screen resolution of 800x600, although it will look better in a screen resolution of 1024x768 or better. It has been written using HTML tables so it will centre automatically for any screen resolution.

Please be aware there are some pages on my site that have a lot of thumbnail pictures that could take time to load if you are using a 56k dial up connection, but most pages should load quickly. All pages should be quick for ADSL users.

Thanks for looking!



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