Banger Racing - Vauxhall Astra Estate.

My brother-in-law's Astra failed the MOT due to rust, so it was time to pass it on to one of my mates so he could give it a good send off banger racing at the Oval Race Club in Angmering, so on the 4th of February 2007 Barry Blackman did exactly that! Please see the pictures of the astra with captions below.
The Astra with a new paint job, I think it looks better in yellow, it used to be blue.
Taking his marks on the track for his 1st race.
The race got underway, I think Baz managed to do 3 laps before getting smashed into the barrier this impact popped the front drive shaft out.
The poor astra had to be towed back to the pits as with one drive shaft disconnected the engine would not move the car.
That's the impact mark on the tyre, that sheared 3 bolts off causing the drive shaft to drop out - it was quite a whack!
On closer inspection the CV joint on the drive shaft (inside that rubber boot) was totally smashed.
The astra also sustained a small impact to the rear, but that's the least of the problems.
A closer look at the damage to the tyre.
Baz managed to find another drive shaft, this picture is of it fitted and repaired!
ok, its now time for his second race, the "Nudge N Spin", we only just got the Astra fixed in time, I even got my hands dirty!
This race Baz managed about 6 laps of the track after seeing off a few close calls.
But he couldn't see them all off, he took a few hard impacts and yes you've guessed it...
That new drive shaft fell out again, but we didn't care this time as it was a bit of a write off by now!
Barry walks away from the wreckage as Chris takes a look at the damage.
I don't think we can get that fixed again, it would need quite a bit of panel beating.
Quite well dented all round, looking at the damage I think we can say Barry did quite a good job of trashing the car! Well done Baz!
A view of the bonnet from inside the car.
Paul, my brother-in-law takes a look at what Barry has done to his beloved car, he had 5 years motoring out of this vehicle with no problems!


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