Car Fire Captured On C.C.T.V.


On the 16 January 1999 a certain person who shall remain nameless had a small accident when he tried to wire up a car stereo in a Ford Fiesta.

A new power feed was run from the battery to the dashboard, but unfortunately the wires were inadvertently shorted together......oops (oh and there was no fuse on the new wire either!!)

The wires welded together and got VERY VERY hot, they got so hot the insulation started to burn and so did the rest of the wiring loom in the car.....the fire brigade were called as it looked like it could get out of hand!?!

This all happened on my drive way and I happened to capture the whole thing on CCTV, please see the screen shots below and feel free to download the videos.


Part 1, the car fire:-
Screen shots
(click on any image below to enlarge it.)


Part 2, the fire brigade attending:-
Screen shots
(click on any image below to enlarge it.)


Don't worry!!!
The wiring loom fire was put out by me, the fire brigade just checked that nothing was left smoldering! unfortunatley the poor Ford Fiesta was a write off as the wiring loom was so badly damaged..........


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