Conservatory Building Project.


On the 15th of May 2005 someone in our family had the bright idea of adding a conservatory to the back of our house, my dad and I got elected to construct the foundations and brick base, we then got a local double glazing company (Keymer Double Glazing) to construct and fit the glazing and roof.

Below are step by step pictures of the entire construction:-
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This is the back of our house, before any work started on the conservatory.


15-20th May

The first stage was to lift the paving slabs and dig the foundations. (The foundations were constructed using the reinforced beam method with a 30inch deep post at the corners.)


22nd of May
Today we filled the foundations with concrete. (2 cubic meters of balast and 10 bags of cement with reinforcing mesh.)


25-26th May
Over the next 2 days we completed the 2 skins of brick up to damp proof course. (2 courses of brick)


27-28th May
In the next 2 days we screeded the floor, this included a polythene damp proof membrane.


29 May - 5th June
Dad built the outer skin of bricks. (2ft high, 8 courses)


12-17 June
Dad built the inside brick skin.


19-20 June
We laid and grouted 45 paving slabs on the conservatory floor.


25th June
I took up the remaining paving slabs outside the conservatory and levelled the land.


9th July
We completed the patio outside the conservatory.


12-15 July
Over the next 4 days
Keymer double glazing erected the windows and roof.


And Finally..
Pictures of the finished conservatory with furnishings.
Granite sideboard Granite entertainment unit Granite table and 6 chairs
After advice from a mate I decided to put in a lighting track with 6x50w downlighters, this gave a very warm cosy light.


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