Garden Gate Project.

My 1st welding project!

From This...
To This...

I bought a metal gate for £15 but I want to add a digital mechanical lock to it, the only ones I could find on the internet mount onto a 40mm box section so going to add a box frame around my gate and make a frame each side to mount it on the wall.

I will also extend the bottom by 12 inches and add some C scrolls in the same style, I also need to turn that bottom right scroll round, as some idiot made it wrong in the 1st place!


I drew up some ideas with Fireworks, now it's cutting and welding time!


The gate is quite heavy at 30Kg, i hope my weld on the top hinge holds up, i did have my welder on the highest setting and it did seem to go quite well, i think/hope it has penetrated the box frame fairly well. (can't tell as i can't see the inside of the box section!?
Finished! it does make the garden/house more secure, stops anyone wandering off with garden furniture etc... and now we can leave push bikes in the garden without locking them in a shed every time, we have a 7 foot brick wall around the garden so if anyone can be bothered with the hastle of lifting things over that then they are welcome to it!

I've put a double sided digital mechanical lock on the gate so even if they jump the wall the gate still can't be opened from the "inside".

I hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures!

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