My Computer.


I have recently built myself a high spec computer in an acrylic case, I have also installed RGB and UV cold cathode lamps, and together with led cooling fans I think it looks funky!


Im using this computer right now to write this web page, with a small amount of money and some time you too could build a funky computer! Why not give it a go, much more interesting than a boring metal box.


The spec of this computer is as follows:-

  • Pentium 4 processor with HT, 3.2Ghz 800MHz FSB
  • 1Gb of 400MHz DDR RAM, 2.5 CAS
  • 128MB Dual DVI graphics card
  • 120GB IDE hard drive
  • 250GB SATA hard drive
  • Analogue and digital TV tuner card

The funky features I've added are:-

  • Heatpipe CPU cooler with blue LEDs
  • Dual red/green/blue cold cathode lamps
  • Dual UV cold cathode lamps
  • 5 x speed controlled LED case fans (via 3 channel Akasa speed control unit)
  • Clear lid power supply with 2 x LED speed controlled fans
  • LED's in the molex power connectors
  • UV reactive cables and sleeving

From this computer I'm driving 2 x 19" Eizo TFT flat screen monitors, they are connected with DVI signals the picture is very crisp!

(Inside my computer.)




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